Dreams of Unhappiness, Poetry Society of America 30 and Under Chapbook Fellowship


Eight Miami Poets, Jai-Alai Books


“Use All Five Senses” Jai-Alai Magazineforthcoming

At Eddie’sDiode, Issue 10.3, Fall 2017

FreshbabyDiode, Issue 10.3, Fall 2017

“Heard It Here First” The Berkshire Eagle, July 2, 2017

Loosduinen” Horsethief, Issue 8, October 2016

The People in GastroenterologyHorsethief, Issue 8, October 2016

Walking the Baby Our Reflection” 92Y #WordsWeLiveIn, June 2016

“To the NBA in Crisis” Sewanee Theological Review, Issue 57: 4, Summer 2015

“Troll” Sewanee Theological Review, Issue 57: 4, Summer 2015

“Whenever You Go to Rehab” Jai-Alai Magazine, Issue #4, Spring 2015 (Listen here.)

“Beach Day” Jai-Alai Magazine, Issue #4, Spring 2015

Lives of the Poets” Jerry Magazine, Spring 2015

Squirrel without Unicorns” Jerry Magazine, Spring 2015

“In the Red” The Paris Review, Spring 2015

Woman in a Fruit StandNarrative Northeast, January 2015

Billboards” The Nation, November 5, 2014

Puerto Rico: Land of the Noble/Valiant Lord!” The Nation, November 5, 2014

Some Like It Hot” The Nation, November 5, 2014

 “The Mad Pigeon in the Attic” The Times Literary Supplement, October 2014

Drugstore BabyBlackbird, Fall 2014

My Pet BabyBlackbird, Fall 2014

The Third Book of Moses, Called LeviticusBlackbird, Fall 2014

2006The London Review of Books, April 2014

“Baby Shower” Quarter After Eight, March 2014

“It’s a Big-Buck World” Quarter After Eight, March 2014

ReadingThe Times Literary Supplement, August 2013

OrangutanThe Times Literary Supplement, October 2013

“Circinate Vernation” Smartish Pace, April 2011

“Little Walker Road” Sewanee Theological Review, September 2010

“Rogue” Iron Horse Literary Review, April 2010

“Like the Sound of a Tree Falling if No One’s Around” Iron Horse Literary Review, April 2010


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